Obama sold more weapons than anyone else in the world, and look who he sold them to!


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The Global arms trade is at an all-time high since the end of the Cold War, with the United States having led the way. The Obama administration sold more guns than anyone else, and they sold the majority of them to the Middle East. Wait, what?

money.cnn.com reports: The U.S. is by far the world’s biggest arms exporter, accounting for 33% of all weapons exports in the five years through 2016, the SIPRI report said. Russia was the second biggest supplier, with China third.

“The U.S. has delivered a lot of weapons in 2016, both very expensive weapons and strategically important weapons — missile systems, surveillance and navigation technology,” said Aude Fleurant, the director of SIPRI’s arms and military expenditure program.

“The weight of the U.S. in the global arms trade is so big that it’s enough to shape the trend,” Fleurant said. It has delivered major weapons to at least 100 countries over the five-year period, significantly more than any other exporting country.

Of all the weapons the U.S. exported in the last five years, 47% ended up in the Middle East. The main buyers were Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Turkey.

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