Obama Mouths Off To Fox News – INSTANTLY Wishes He Hadn’t


Barack Hussein Obama tried to destroy Fox News this week by claiming that their misrepresentations of his policies created a huge amount of antagonism against him. Yesterday, however, the network refuted this in a big way.

“I was never subjected to the kind of concentrated vilification of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the whole conservative-media ecosystem,” Obama told The Atlantic, adding that as a result, American voters “weren’t seeing some image of me as trying to take away their stuff and give it to black people, and coddle criminals, and all the stereotypes of not just African-American politicians but liberal politicians.”

Obama went on to say that this was an attack on “a fictional character named Barack Obama who they see on Fox News or who they hear about through Rush Limbaugh.”

Western Journalism reported that Fox News host Neil Cavuto fired back on Thursday with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

“We are, in fact, responsible America for those higher insurance premiums you’re paying and that the health care laws have inflated the price of almost anything medically related,” Cavuto said. “The president was onto it.”

The Fox News host then brought in Karl Rove, an adviser to former President George W. Bush.

“I just want to cleanse my soul, Karl, and I want to let people know that I did indeed hike insurance premiums, that I did indeed give them that sticker shock with high deductibles that sometimes run in excess of $5,000,” he said.

Rove then spoke up to say that Obama’s comments were more than just an attack on the media.

“It’s not about you,” said Rove. “The real target he has in mind is the American people.”

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He added that Obama’s comments were “jaw-droppingly condescending and arrogant.”

Rove said Obama’s claim is “white people are racist if they disagree with me … You’ve had your fears and your anxieties activated by Fox, not by the facts of the matter, but by your racism, by your bigotry.”

The former Bush advisor explained that Obama is basically saying, “You can’t disagree with me … unless you’re a bigot.”

“This interview kicks around Fox and Rush Limbaugh a little bit, but at the heart of it is an assault … on the good sense of the American people,” Rove said.

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“It’s not about the color of the president’s skin, maybe more the thickness of it,” Cavuto said to conclude the statement.

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