OBAMA IS LIVID! CIA Just Exposed in GIGANTIC Propaganda about Russian Hacking!


The PARTY IS OVER! Your lie just lasted few hours!

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), who oversees the CIA, FBI, NSA, and all the other intelligence agencies, said he does NOT support the claims the CIA made about Russia.

A spokesperson from his office said,

“ODNI is not arguing that the agency (CIA) is wrong, only that they can’t prove intent.”

The position of the ODNI, which oversees the 17 agency-strong U.S. intelligence community, could give Trump fresh ammunition to dispute the CIA assessment, which he rejected as ‘ridiculous’ in weekend remarks, and press his assertion that no evidence implicates Russia in the cyber attacks.

This report comes almost immediately after the FBI released their own findings which also disputed the CIA’s, saying that the case and evidence used by the CIA would NOT hold up in court.

H/T: Daily Mail

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