Obama is Freaking Out – Urgently Meets With Dem Candidates Set to Face Trump in 2020


In an unprecedented move, former President Barack Obama has been holding urgent strategy sessions with a number of Democratic presidential candidates who might face off against Trump in 2020.

Does anyone remember the last time a former president got so involved in trying to defeat his predecessor?

Politico reports that Obama has recently met with at least nine prospective Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Ostensibly, the reason for these meetings was to allow Obama to pass on his great wealth of knowledge and experience… Sorry, we can’t say that with a straight face.

The real reason, as speculated by numerous commentators, is that Obama is freaking out over how thoroughly Trump is destroying his “legacy,” and wants to make sure that any Democrat to defeat the incumbent in 2020 both restores what old Barry put in place, and gives him the credit for it.

“Clearly he’s frustrated with his legacy completely being destroyed by this administration,” Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich opined.

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