You Won’t Believe What Obama’s Having Installed at His New DC House


President Obama is about to be booted out of the White House and move into his new Washington, DC mansion.

And the first thing he’s having installed at the new residence is very curious indeed.

After months of leading the liberal bashing of Trump for wanting to build a wall along our border with Mexico, Obama is building…a wall.

Photos started popping up online last week of workers constructing the Obama wall.

One has to wonder why Obama needs a wall around his house, but insists that our nation doesn’t need one along is borders.

The sizes may be vastly different, but the principle is exactly the same.

You put a wall around your home to keep out those who might harm you or your property. And that’s the same reason you put a wall around your country.

Obama is either too dense to get this, or he really is the hypocrite everyone says he is.

In an amusing twist, American Thinker noted that the wall around the Obama residence is likely to be paid for, at least in part, by Mexico.

Just like Trump’s proposed wall.

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After leaving office, Obama will make the bulk of his income from speaking engagements.

And at least some of those companies and political interests that invite him to speak are likely to be linked to or even funded by the Mexican government.

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