Obama Has Seized 553 MILLION ACRES! Here’s the Reason Why


During his eight years (God, it seemed like so much longer) in office, President Obama unilaterally seized an incredible 553 million acres of land across the United States.

That’s way more than any other president in history.

But why?

Most of the confiscations were to establish national monuments. What that means is that the land in question can never be used for settlement, energy production or any other human activity.

553 million acres! That’s three times the size of Texas. An enormous portion of the United States that Americans can no longer make use of.

And just one man decided on his own to do this.

In fact, in most of the confiscations, Obama was vigorously opposed by state legislators from both parties.

For instance, just last month, Obama seized 1.5 million acres in Utah. Both Republicans and Democrats in the state senate were against the land grab. But they could do nothing about it.

That land, like so much other land, was taken out of state jurisdiction and unilaterally seized by the federal government.

That isn’t how our democracy is supposed to work.

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And it’s not just denying President-elect Trump from being able to develop local energy production. It’s hurting local business.

Over the summer, Obama boasted that he had unilaterally created the largest marine preserve in Hawaii. What he failed to mention was that in so doing, Obama had cost local fisherman over $10 million in annual income.

H/T Media Research Center

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