Obama FURIOUS After Hearing What Trump Just ACCOMPLISHED


President Barack Obama just suffered perhaps the greatest humiliation of his presidency with just two days left in office.

For the past several weeks, Obama has been touting his perceived accomplishments. But new statistics show at least one of those “accomplishments” is nothing but a myth.

During Obama’s eight years in office, some 10.9 million jobs were created in America. And Barry was sure to let everyone know about that.

Well, he maybe should have gotten his facts straight before getting too cocky.

Because new statistics from economists at Harvard and Princeton reveal that nearly 95 percent of those jobs were temporary.

What that means is that in all of his eight years in office, Obama managed to create a mere 700,000 full-time jobs. Absolutely abysmal.

The really humiliating part (as if those figures weren’t bad enough) is that even before entering office, President-elect Trump has already almost doubled those job figures!

Since being elected back in November, Trump has created or saved a whopping 1.2 million American jobs, either through negotiation or intimidation. Major corporations are terrified to defy the incoming commander-in-chief, and the American worker is benefiting.

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