Obama Flees the Country, Puts Shadow Gov’t On Hold, and Now We Know Why


Barack Obama very suddenly left the country without his family last week, and now we know why.

After leaving the White House in January, the Obamas went on a series of expensive vacations.

He then returned to direct what has been labeled a “shadow government” aimed at bringing down President Trump.

But Obama suddenly jetted off last week to a small Pacific island, without Michelle and his daughters, putting his anti-Trump campaign on hold.

Insiders say the former president plans to stay there for weeks and possibly months.

The reason, they revealed, is that Obama needs to actually write that memoir he was just paid an unprecedented $65 million to produce.

So, while this little trip away means we’ll soon have to deal with the liberal media fawning all over Obama’s silly book, it also means we don’t have to deal with HIM for a little while.

It also gives President Trump a little breathing space, and possibly an opportunity to TAKE DOWN Obama and his shadow government.

H/T I Have the Truth

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