Obama Era PBS Film “Lost in Detention” Exposes Dem Hypocrisy: “There will be parents separated from their children…They don’t have to like it…” [Video]


A PBS Frontline video (see link below) from Obama’s time in office inadvertently proves that separating families of illegals didn’t begin with President Trump.

In fact, from the 19:00 point in the PBS film “Lost in Detention” transcript featuring Pres. Obama’s top advisor on immigration, Cecelia Munoz said, “THEY DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT” referring to kids being separated from their parents. The Democrats and the media have forgotten this…

Cecelia Munoz on enforcing the immigration laws: “What Pres. OBAMA is doing is enforcing the law of the land. That’s our obligation as the federal government. … Congress passes a series of laws, appropriates the funds to enforce those laws, and the executive branch’s job is to enforce them”

THE FRONTLINE INTRODUCTION CLAIMS OBAMA HAD A ‘GET TOUGH POLICY’ ON IMMIGRATION: More than one million immigrants have been deported since President Obama took office. Under his administration, deportations and detentions have reached record levels. The get-tough policy has brought complaints of abuse and harsh treatment, including charges that families have been unfairly separated after being caught in the nationwide dragnet. The administration has promised to make the detention system more humane, and more selectively target the most serious criminals.

But it faces Republican critics urging stricter measures — and a growing backlash among Latino voters, a key 2012 electoral force. In a co-production with the Investigative Reporting Workshop, correspondent Maria Hinojosa investigates Obama’s enforcement strategies and journeys into the secretive world of immigrant detention, with a penetrating look at who is being detained and what is happening to them.


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