Obama DID The UNTHINKABLE Few Moments Before Trump Arrived To The White House


President Barack Obama gave a final wave to the as he walked out of the Oval Office to greet President Trump.

Obama walked outside the Oval Office he occupied for eight years, just hours before he was to turn over power to President-elect Donald Trump, who has committed himself to repealing much of Obama’s political legacy.

He attended to one last bit of business before leaving the historic office: penning a note for his successor – then leaving it in the desk which Trump will sit behind for the first time within hours.

The outgoing president could be seen putting a white envelope into the right-hand drawer of the Resolute desk.
What has sparked outrage is Obama disrespect for our troops (AGAIN!).

Yes! you can see how he totally forgets to salute the soldier behind him because he’s “too busy” kissing Michelle for the last time in the White House.


Obama has promised liberals to fight against Trump in his last tweets:



So different from what happened yesterday when President Trump arrived in D.C.

Donald Trump received his first salutes from US military personnel as their new commander-in-chief.

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Watch what happened when Trump stepped off the plane

Trump is making sure to show our men and women in uniform the honor they deserve by respectfully saluting them right back.

Lastly let’s not forget what Obama did:

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