Obama Did Something No Other President Has, and It Is NOT GOOD


Yet another upsetting revelation from the Obama era…

Americans were warned when Obama was first elected that they had put die-hard socialist in the White House.

Well, Obama proved it when he became the first president ever during a fiscal year to spend more on welfare than on defense.

CNSNews reported:

In every year from fiscal 1962 through fiscal 2014, total national defense spending exceeded means-tested entitlement spending.

In fiscal year 1962, for example, the federal government spent more than twelve times as much money on national defense ($52,345,000,000) as it did on means-test entitlements ($4,300,000,000).

Finally, in fiscal 2015, it exceeded national defense spending for the first time.

The Fiscal 2016 Numbers Published In The OMB’s Historical Tables Are Estimates, But They Show Means-Tested Entitlements Exceeding National Defense Spending $709,600,000,000 To $604,452,000,000.

Now, of course the progressive socialist left will come back with the typical retort of “uncaring conservatives,” which isn’t the case. The difference is, conservatives believe we should have a safety net, not a hammock. Under Barack Obama we saw an incredible increase in American poverty, food stamp enrollment, and an expansion of Medicaid — which was meant to cover folks under the poverty line.

More poverty, less jobs, much greater national debt and less strength and prestige on the world stage.

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That’s what Obama did for America.

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