Obama Did Nothing to Save Otto Warmbier so Trump Decided to Show North Korea Who’s in Charge … Finally Adults in the WH


We have now adults running the White House. Obama is gone and we don’t play games with our enemies anymore.

Trump has ordered supersonic B-16 bomber’s to fly over North Korea to show who’s in charge and who has the real air power.

This came after the death of US student Otto Warmbier. Otto was sent home in a coma and died after few weeks. According to Daily Mail. Warmbier is an American student that was held against his will for 17 months.

As we know, Obama did nothing to save him but Obama is not in charge anymore …


America has also thousands of troops in Japan and South Korea ready to strike when needed.

This is what Trump said:

Are you not happy we don’t have Hillary running the White House?

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H/T: Daily Mail

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