Obama Caught Red-Handed In Post-Presidency Lie!


The Obama family has been caught in a post-Presidency lie about their Netflix deal, which will allegedly feature anti-Trump content, contrary to their denials.

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In May of this year, Netflix announced that Barack Obama, along with his wife Michelle, had struck a multi-year deal with the company to produce “films and services” for their streaming service.

Notably, alongside the announcement, the Obamas also started a new production company called “Higher Ground Productions“.

In a statement when their Netflix deal was announced, the Obamas said that they hope “to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world”.

Although the Obamas initially denied the idea of producing content against Trump, recent headlines suggest otherwise…

In their first deal with Netflix, Obama and his wife have acquired the rights to the Michael Lewis book, The Fifth Risk as their starting project. The Fifth Risk, according to Entertainment Weekly, “ranks among the most scathing takes on the President’s tenure thus far” and combines interviews and research to paint an alarming portrait of an administration both incompetent and unprepared for the White House.

Whereas it’s not outright confirmed that Obama‘s The Fifth Risk will be a 100% anti-Trump take-down, indicators are signaling that with the contents of the book and Obama’s heavy rhetoric, the project will unabashedly blast and go after the President.

Laughably, Obama recently posited that lying politicians is something “we’ve never seen before”…

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