Obama and Hillary OUTRAGED! Check Who May Be Speaking At Trump’s Inauguration


In an interview with Japanese media published on the Kremlin website on December 13, Putin said that he was “ready at any moment” to meet with Trump.

He said that “it seems to me that it’s necessary to give the president-elect a chance to put together his administration and take office.”

Trump said in October that he would consider meeting with Putin before his inauguration if elected.

“If I win on Nov. 8, I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration,” he told radio host Michael Savage Monday, according to WND.


Trump has repeatedly said he will seek to improve relations with Russia.

As he has before, Putin said that Russia welcomed Trump’s stated intention of improving ties and was ready to do its part, but that it will be difficult.

Putin said that “it’s widely known that the elected president of the United States has publicly called for the normalization of the Russian-American relationship. We cannot but support this.”


Do you want Putin at Trump’s Inauguration?

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Imagine Obama and Hillary’s reaction…

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly accused Trump of treating Putin too warmly. HA HA HA

H/T: The Hill

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