Obama and Eric Holder CONFIRMED as Criminals. Will Congress Prosecute?


The House Oversight Committee has basically confirmed what we all already knew – that Barack Obama and his cohorts were the biggest criminals to ever occupy the White House.

The question now is if Congress has the balls to actually prosecute a former president.

The damning revelation is in regards to death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in a gunfight with Mexican cartel gunment.

Seems Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder criminally covered up information regarding the shooting to protect their own border policies.

From Fox News:

Members of a congressional committee at a public hearing Wednesday blasted former President Barack Obama and his attorney general for allegedly covering up an investigation into the death of a Border Patrol agent killed as a result of a botched government gun-running project known as Operation Fast and Furious.

The House Oversight Committee also Wednesday released a scathing, nearly 300-page report that found Holder’s Justice Department tried to hide the facts from the loved ones of slain Border Patrol Brian Terry – seeing his family as more of a “nuisance” than one deserving straight answers – and slamming Obama’s assertion of executive privilege to deny Congress access to records pertaining to Fast and Furious.

If George W. Bush or any past REPUBLICAN president had been caught in something like this, you can be sure the media would be calling for his head.

But with Obama as the culprit… crickets.

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