NYT Reporter: Last Year Kamala Told Me She Was Absolutely ‘Open’ To Court Packing


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are refusing to answer whether they would be willing to pack the Supreme Court. They refuse to answer, but we are told that Kamala Harris admitted to a NYT writer that she was open to packing the Supreme Court.

New York Times reporter Alexander Burns  is saying that in 2019, Harris told him she was open to the idea.

Burns made his comments after Biden said yesterday:

You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over.”

“You know, the moment I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that, other than focusing on what’s happening now. The election has begun. There’s never been a court appointment once an election has begun.”

That’s not true. In fact, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed just 46 days before a presidential election. 29 people have been nominated for the Supreme Court in a presidential election year. The only judge who was confirmed while the party in the White House was different from the one leading the Senate, but that was way back in about 1882.

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