NYT Blasts Republicans For Doing EXACTLY What NYT Urged Democrats To Do


The New York Times has demonstrated just how firmly it belongs in the “fake news” camp by calling out the GOP for hypocrisy while ignoring its own glaring hypocrisy!

Again, for some reason the geniuses over at the Times don’t seem to grasp the reality of the Internet age.

Everything they’ve ever written, especially stuff from as recently as a decade ago, is easily accessible to and searchable by anyone on the planet.

So, when you call someone out for something today, you better make sure you didn’t champion that very same cause in the recent past.

Which is precisely the mistake the Times made with its editorial attack on congressional Republicans for criticizing the Democrats’ use of “blue slips” to oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court appointments.

From The Daily Caller:

The New York Times editorial board ripped into the GOP Friday for trying to prevent Democrats from obstructing the appointments of federal judges after supporting Democrats’ efforts to do the same in the past.

“Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, are itching to eliminate the last remaining tool the minority party has to influence a president’s picks for the federal courts — the so-called blue slip,” laments The Times’ editorial board. “Back in 2009, Mr. McConnell and the entire Republican Senate caucus — then in the minority — implored President Barack Obama to honor all blue slips.”

Ah, but here’s what the Times wrote about the use of these blue slips back in 2013, when Republicans were using them to block Obama’s nominees:

“Given the extreme degree of Republican obstruction during the Obama administration, the Democrats had little choice but to change the filibuster rule.”

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Here’s a much more direct comparison that highlights the Times’ absurd hypocrisy.

The new editorial attacking the GOP and defending Democrats’ use of blue slips reads:

“The Constitution gives the president the power to choose federal judges, but only with the ‘advice and consent’ of the Senate.”

While just three years ago, in defending Obama and blasting Republicans for using blue slips, the Times wrote:

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“The Constitution gives presidents the right to nominate top officials in their administration and name judges, and it says nothing about the ability of a Senate minority to stop them.”

I mean, they used almost the exact same wording and just swapped out the players for those that better fit their agenda under current circumstances.

How can anyone still take the New York Times seriously?

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