NYC Just Got Devastating News. Is Ocasio-Cortez to Blame?


It’s not only the Democratic Party that must now live down the fact that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has been elected to Congress.

Her hometown of New York City is also reeling from AOC’s childish antics.

By now we all know about how AOC helped to scuttle plans by Amazon to open a new headquarters in the Big Apple, providing as many as 25,000 new jobs.

Now we learn that New York City is teetering on the brink of financial bankruptcy.

The New York Post reports:

As tax-fleeced businesses and individuals flee en masse, and city public spending surges into the stratosphere, financial analysts say Gotham is perilously near total fiscal disaster.

Long-term debt is now more than $81,100 per household, and Mayor de Blasio is ramping up to spend as much as $3 billion more in the new budget than the current $89.2 billion.

“The city is running a deficit and could be in a real difficult spot if we had a recession, or a further flight of individuals because of tax reform,” said Milton Ezrati, chief economist of Vested.

How much do you wanna bet that Amazon’s decision to cut its losses in New York rather than put up with the likes of AOC has spooked other companies about doing business in the city?

While it might not all be her fault, Ocasio-Cortez definitely is not helping New York get back on its feet.

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