NY Attorney General Says Cuomo Illegally Sexually Harassed 11 Women, Including State Trooper


New York Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday morning released a bombshell report on her investigation and said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had “sexually harassed multiple women, and in doing so violated federal and state law.”

James made the announcement at a press conference on Aug. 3 to release the 165-page report, complete with interviews with 179 witnesses, CNBCreported.

It also included more than 74,000 records, texts, pictures, and emails that were used as evidence.

The report said the investigation found Cuomo’s office was a hostile work environment rife with fear and intimidation.

The attorney general told reporters that her investigation had determined that the governor had sexually harassed at least 11 women, CNBC reported.

The report said Cuomo engaged in nonconsensual touching, groping, kissing, and hugging, and made numerous inappropriate comments to multiple women.

James said Cuomo also retaliated against a former employee who came forward to expose his conduct.

She called the governor’s office a “toxic workplace,” CNBC reported.

The attorney general said the findings in the report revealed “a deeply disturbing, yet clear, picture” of what Cuomo had been doing to members of his staff, state employees, and members of the public.

James’ report claimed that one of the governor’s victims was a New York State Police trooper, CNBC reported.

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The trooper told investigators that Cuomo has asked to add her to his protective detail shortly after meeting her in November of 2017, despite the fact she wasn’t qualified.

The report said the trooper alleged the governor had run his hand along her stomach as she held doors for him in the course of her duties, CNBC reported.

The trooper said Cuomo also ran his finger down her neck and back while she stood in front of him in an elevator, kissed her on the cheek in front of another trooper, and made suggestive remarks to her, according to the report.

She also said the governor asked her why she didn’t wear a dress and asked why the trooper would get married when marriage means “your sex drive goes down,” CNBC reported.

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The report said Cuomo had asked the trooper to help him find a girlfriend and said he wanted to date a woman who “[c]an handle pain,” CNBC reported.

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