Nuclear Power Plant Holds Bikini Contest to Pick New Interns


A nuclear power plant is complying with the diversity requirements of the political correctness movement by looking to bring in many new female interns.

But, it’s going about the matter in a way that will probably anger liberals more than if the plant simply hired only males.

Fox News reports:

A power plant company in the Czech Republic held a contest on Facebook that asked the public to rate which bikini-clad intern applicant the company should choose to employ.

CEZ Group unveiled the 10 photos of the high school graduates, which were taken at one of the cooling towers at its Temelin power plant, according to Deutsche Welle.

The power plant asked Facebook users to choose which bikini-clad woman was their favorite. The girl who won the most votes would be dubbed the “Bouncer of Energy” and awarded a 14-day internship at the company.

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