Nuclear Plant On Fire In Ukraine After Russia Attacks Facility


Ukraine’s foreign minister said Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is on fire after the facility in the country’s southeast endured heavy shelling from Russian troops Friday morning.


“Russian army is firing from all sides upon Zaporizhzhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe,” the foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said on Twitter. “Fire has already broke out.”

Kuleba added that if the plant, which holds six of the country’s 15 reactors, explodes, it will be far worse than the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

For live updates of the situation in Ukraine, follow here.

In a video posted on Telegram, Andriy Tuz, a facility spokesperson, demanded that Russia stop shelling the plant and said there was a “real threat of nuclear danger,” according to the Associated Press.

Speaking on local television, Tuz said that shells had set … (Read more)

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