Notre Dame ‘Snowflakes’ Get AWFUL NEWS After Walking Out on VP Pence


A group of entitled, liberal snowflake students at Notre Dame thought they were making a “brave” statement by publicly walking out of VP Mike Pence’s speech at the famed university.

Instead, what they got was a BIG DOSE of reality that millennial brats don’t seem to grasp.

They have created such a sheltered mental atmosphere for themselves, that students like these no longer understand how the world works.

Essentially, they are becoming useless burdens on society.

Here they are, thinking they’re making a difference:

It’s time for a WAKE-UP CALL.

And that precisely what they got after their little stunt.

And there were MANY more reactions where those came from.

All these students have accomplished is to make themselves look like entitled buffoons, and un-democratic to boot.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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