North Korea’s In a Blind Panic After Trump’s Latest Move Against Them


There’s no question who would win in a war between America and North Korea. The problem is that Kim Jong-un and his cohorts are insane. They don’t care that they’d lose, so long as they inflict pain on America.

But there is one thing they fear, and that’s China. Because they known China won’t be restrained by political-correctness and pesky human rights.

As such, President Trump’s successful courting of China to his side in this particular conflict has Pyongyang understandably panicked.

From the Daily Express:

North Korea is on alert tonight after Donald Trump highlighted plans to work with China to stop Kim Jong-un.

The US President spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the issue of North Korea, which is a growing concern in both Washington and Beijing. 

Mr Trump took to Twitter to threaten North Korea, who he abbreviated as ‘NoKo’ in his message detailing his call to President Xi. 

Cosying up to North Korea’s only ally, Mr Trump had rang President Xi to congratulate him on gained more power at recent Communist Party Congress in China. 

In a second Tweet posted 15 minutes later, Mr Trump said: “Melania and I look forward to being with President Xi & Madame Peng Liyuan in China in two weeks for what will hopefully be a historic trip!”

As tensions escalate Mr Trump’s attempts to cosy up to China will set alarm bells ringing in Pyongyang, who have relied heavily on Beijing throughout its history. 

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China has already issued stern warnings to North Korea over its reckless testing of ballistic missiles and other provocations.

There have also been reports of the Chinese military deploying to North Korea’s border. That could be in preparation to defend its ally, or to conduct its own hostile invasion in order to preclude an American takeover.

Either way, North Korea didn’t have many friends to begin with, and Trump might have just made that list a whole lot shorter.

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