North Korea Wants to ANNIHILATE America, and Experts Say We Are Not Prepared


Yes, North Korea would also be destroyed in any nuclear showdown with the United States. But when you are dealing with lunatics, mutually assured destruction is not sufficient to prevent catastrophe.

More than that, experts are warning that North Korea’s blustery threats to “annihilate the US in a single blow” are more than just rhetoric.

Sure, North Korea can’t actually destroy the entirety of the United States with its handful of nukes and ballistic missiles that can only reach to our West Coast.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t do tremendous damage, because we simply aren’t prepared to stop it.

The Daily Express reported:

John Schilling, an expert on North Korean missile technology, called on the US to improve and develop its missile defence system.

He said: “The US national missile defence system in its current state is limited and unreliable, working only about half the time in tests.”

President Trump and Congress are responding by pouring money into new missile defense systems.

THE US House of Representatives has passed a bill calling for billions to be poured into the nation’s missile defence systems amid fears Kim Jong-un could use his newly developed weaponry to target military bases.

The act will see $696 billion added to the US defence budget, with $12.5 billion earmarked for missile defence programmes.

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