North Korea Issues MASSIVE World War 3 Threat to President Trump


The North Korean regime has issued its latest threat, and what it’s calling for could result in World War 3.

Pyongyang is demanding that all US forces withdraw and end the “occupation” of South Korea.

The alternative: nuclear war.

The regime stated, via its mouthpiece the mouthpiece KCNA:

“The pro-US traitors and confrontation maniacs in South Korea are fanning up such war hysteria of the US, while calling for ‘strengthened alliance to cope with the nuclear threat from the north’.

“The South Korean people cannot get rid of the miserable misfortunes and sufferings and the whole nation cannot evade the tragedy of division and nuclear war disaster as long as the US military occupation and domination over south Korea which have lasted for more than seven decades continue and the treacherous moves of the pro-US sycophants are allowed to continue.

“Under this brigandish ‘treaty’ the US has reduced South Korea into the arsenal and advanced base for a nuclear war and aggravated the situation of the Korean peninsula to the extremes through ceaseless nuclear war gambling against the North, while styling itself an entity of extraordinary privileges.”

Looking beyond the hilariously poor English, consider the scope of this threat.

While North Korea MIGHT be able to strike and damage some parts of America, it can most certainly destroy South Korea’s population centers.

And, in accordance with numerous agreements, that would obligate the US to go to war, a war that would almost certainly spread to involve the entire Pacific region, if not the world.

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Source: Daily Express

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