North Korea is Raping and Executing Women, and Liberals Still Choose Kim Jong-Un Over Trump?!


There has never been a group of bigger hypocrites than American liberals.

They call President Trump a sexist over a locker room joke he made decades ago, even as they cheer for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, whose regime rapes and executes female slaves.

The hypocrisy really couldn’t be any more absurd than this.

Women who have managed to escape from North Korea recently provided shocking testimony of what’s happening in the hermit kingdom.

From Fox News:

Imprisoned women in the communist nation of North Korea serving time for political crimes are raped, then later executed in a brutal fashion with their babies fed to dogs, according to a new report.

Defectors of North Korea provided graphic testimony to South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo about what prisoners face during their sentences, UPI reported Tuesday.

The women are victims of sexual assault in prison camps at the hands of security guards who reportedly often trade sexual favors for less work while in camps, according to the report.

One particular allegation from a defector “who grew up in a North Korean prison camp for more than two decades” said that women who become pregnant after being raped by guards are removed from the camp and “secretly killed by guards,” according to UPI.

The defector, 29-year-old Park Ju-yong, said that after childbirth, the mothers are executed and their newborn babies are provided as food to guard dogs.

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Again, this is the regime that liberals in America are now speaking of in glowing terms simply because of their hatred for President Trump.

One of two things has to be happening here.

Either liberals are enormous hypocrites, or they never really cared about sexism, racism or any other “-ism.” They just needed excuses, phony or otherwise, to criticize the president.

Otherwise, how in the world does this make any sense?

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How can someone say they hate Trump for being sexist, and then praise a brutal dictatorship that does such horrific things to women?

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