North Korea ‘Fires Short-Range Missiles’ In First Challenge To Biden


NORTH Korea has reportedly fired short-range missiles in despot Kim Jong-un’s first challenge to Joe Biden.

The launch took place after North Korea denounced Washington for going forward with joint military exercises with South Korea, the Washington Post reported.

Last week it was reported that the country was allegedly preparing to carry out its “first nuclear weapons test” since President Joe Biden took office.

CNN reported on the news after speaking with a handful of US officials who wished to remain anonymous.

US officials were reportedly on alert after scaled-down, simulated military exercises were conducted by the US and South Korea, the outlet explained.

Just days later, a US Defense Secretary warned that America is ready to “fight tonight” following the threats.

On the first day of a three-day trip to South Korea, Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed that the alliance between the nations has “never been more important” given the “unprecedented challenges” from North Korea and China.

“Our force remains ready to ‘fight tonight,’ and we continue to make progress toward the eventual transition of wartime Operational Control to a [Republic of Korea]-commanded, future Combined Forces Command,” the defense secretary said.

“While meeting all the conditions for this transition will take more time, I’m confident that this process will strengthen our alliance.”

A public warning about a North Korea threat was issued by a senior US general on Tuesday, CNN reported.

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Gen. Glen Van Herck reportedly told the Senate Armed Services Committee: “The Kim Jong Un regime has achieved alarming success in its quest to demonstrate the capability to threaten the U. S. homeland with nuclear-armed ICBMs, believing such weapons are necessary to deter US military action and ensure his regime’s survival.”

The last test conduct by North Korea took place in March 2020.

The news comes after Kim Jong-Un’s sister said Biden should avoid “causing a stink” if he wants peace with North Korea.

“We take this opportunity to warn the new U. S. administration trying hard to give off powder smel… (Read more)

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