North Korea Actually Did It


As tensions on the Korean Peninsula reach boiling point, our allies in Seoul have made a shocking and, quite frankly, heartbreaking discovery about what North Korea’s been up to.

Kim Jong-Un and his brutal regime are determined to defy the world no matter the cost, even at the expense of their own people’s lives.

In fact, North Korea has shown absolutely no regard for its own citizens whatsoever.

A number of North Koreans who recently defected to South Korea were found to have been exposed to massive amounts of radiation.

These folks worked at a North Korean nuclear test site, and, apparently, Kim didn’t bother to offer them even the most basic safeguards against exposure.

The Hill reports:

South Korea said Wednesday that at least four North Korean defectors have exhibited signs of radiation exposure, but it’s not known if the exposure is due to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program.

Reuters reported that the four defectors are among 30 former residents of North Korea’s Kilju county, which includes the nuclear test site Punggye-ri, that South Korea’s government has examined since October.

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test since 2006 in tunnels under the mountains of Punggye-ri on Sept. 3, but all 30 people defected before then.

Researchers at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute estimate the defectors were exposed to radiation between 2009 and 2013, saying it could have happened in a number of ways. Still, experts warn that more nuclear tests in the Punggye-ri area could risk radioactive pollution.

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