North Carolina Democrats: ‘Thousands Of Outstanding Votes To Be Cast’ Could Swing Races


An eyebrow-raising tweet from North Carolina Democrats claimed Monday that “thousands of outstanding votes to be cast” could swing key races in the battleground state.

North Carolina is one of at least 18 states allowing voters to “cure” ballots rejected for deficient information or missing signatures. Democrats in the state say they’re seeking volunteers to help cure absentee and provisional ballots that they think could prove decisive in some races.

“Our team is helping cure absentee & provisional ballots — and we need your help. There are thousands of outstanding votes to be cast — and these could be the difference in determining crucial elections,” the North Carolina Democratic Party wrote in a tweet Monday.

A spokesperson for the party didn’t immediately return a request for comment on which races the party thinks could hinge on cured ballots.

North Carolina gives individual counties until Nov. 13 to report results, granting more time for counting provisional and absentee ballots than other states.

Fox News has yet to call the North Carolina presidential race. President Donald Trump leads President-elect Joe Biden by a little over 1% in the state with 99% of votes counted…. (Read more)

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