No Wonder We’re Losing: Team USA Coach, Players Are Ashamed of the Country


You fight for what you love.

It’s a pretty simple sentiment — when you love something, you’ll do anything to protect, honor and serve it. You’ll sacrifice your body, heart and soul for the betterment of that love.

When it comes to the coach and players of Team USA basketball, one thing has been made clear — they don’t love America and, therefore, aren’t willing to fight for her.

Despite having the most talent of any basketball team in the entire world, by far, Team USA men’s basketball has greatly underachieved.

The team lost its opening match to France after having already lost five of its previous eight games, including exhibitions and the 2019 FIBA World Cup, according to USA Today.

Team USA did manage to grab its first win on Wednesday against Iran, although winning against Iran isn’t particularly something to write home about.

The only two players of note on Iran’s roster are Hamed Haddadi, a 36-year-old former NBA role player, and Arsalan Kazemi, a former college basketball star at Oregon who never managed to make it into the NBA.

So, why then is Team USA losing?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Team USA’s players and head coach are actively ashamed of their country.

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