NK Returns Remains, Media Disrespects Fallen Soldiers; Pence Launches Salvo at Them


Vice President Mike Pence is letting the media have it after their bewildering coverage of the official return of U.S. soldier remains from North Korea to American soil.

According to Fox News, Pence traveled to Hawaii to receive the remains on Wednesday. It was the first of many expected transfers of U.S. soldier remains from North Korea more than half a century after the Korean War. The willingness of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to allow the transfer is a positive step forward in the improving relations between the two countries.

Kind of a big deal. Actually, it’s a really big deal.

But you wouldn’t have known that from the way some of the mainstream media outlets covered it — or failed to.

While Fox News broadcasted the entire event live, the news network says MSNBC failed to cover it live, CNN only devoted 58 seconds to it, ABC News gave 24 seconds, and NBC and CBS completely ignored it on air.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz called it the “wrong call” by the mainstream media and said, “You can’t overstate the emotional significance of these presumed remains of American fighting soldiers coming home 65 years after the Korean War ended.”

Pence weighed in too, telling the media that they “would do well to spend a little bit more time traveling across this country and listening to the American people.”

Meanwhile, MSNBC had a show on Wednesday where they were panicking over why conservative America doesn’t trust them more.

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