Nikki Haley’s Outburst at UN Being Described as ‘Biblical’


There can be no doubt that President Trump appointed the right person to be our ambassador to the United Nations.

That organization has for decades shirked its founding mission to lead the world toward peace and equality, and has instead become a den of thieves and liars.

You gotta send somebody who’s tough as nails in there if you don’t want America to get walked all over (like it was under Obama).

Short of visiting the UN Headquarters every week himself, Trump determined it best to send former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley.

And boy, she has NOT disappointed.

In fact, her exchange with belligerent Palestinian officials last week is being described as nothing short of “biblical.”

Via Breaking Israel News:

US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Nikki Haley told Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday that his leadership must choose between a path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence and another path of negotiation and compromise.

“There’s the path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence,” she said at a UN Security Council briefing. “That path has led and will continue to lead to nothing but hardship for the Palestinian people.”

“There’s the path of negotiation and compromise,” she continued. “History has shown that path to be successful for Egypt and Jordan, including the transfer of territory. That path remains open to the Palestinian leadership if only it is courageous enough to take it.”

Haley, who is a devout Bible-believing Christian, was echoing Deuteronomy 11:26, in which Israel is presented with a choice between blessing and curse.

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