Nicole Kidman Just Got GREAT NEWS After Backing Trump


Actress Nicole Kidman laid it all on the line last week in publicly supporting President-elect Donald Trump.

And she was viciously attacked for doing so. But now she’s gotten some unexpected good news.

Kidman told BBC that “we as a country need to support whoever is the president because that is what the country is based on.”

She then faced a flood of harsh criticism and even threats from fellow Hollywood elites and the loudmouth liberal public.

Speaking to Fox News, economist and actor Ben Stein said this is exactly the kind of intolerance that characterizes so much of liberal Hollywood.

Stein said the Hollywood establishment is “a bunch of big bullies and thugs trying to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them.”

Sounding mighty reasonable for an actor, Stein noted that Trump hasn’t even yet been sworn in. So how could anyone yet have any kind of problem with what he’s done as president?

Stein also demonstrated that Kidman is by no means alone in this fight. Even if Hollywood’s conservatives aren’t as “boisterous” as their liberal colleagues, they are there.

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