NFL Ticket Prices Have Dropped Lower Than Anyone Expected


NFL players who continue to shamefully disrespect the American flag and drive away fans might have finally burned themselves.

Despite their claim to victimhood, most of these players live like kings, raking in salaries most Americans can only dream of.

But the days of high living are numbered if the league can’t get this dummies to stand at attention and stop pissing off the rest of the country.

As we pull in to week 15, tickets for some games are being sold for as little as $4. And still there are plenty of empty seats even at that price point.

What these players don’t seem to quite understand is that if their teams can’t sell tickets at much higher prices, they won’t be able to afford multi-million dollar player contracts.

These guys may be under the misguided assumption that they’re doing some good, but all they’re really accomplishing is to make everyone angry and screw themselves out of a job.

Via American Journal Review

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