NFL Players Put to Shame As Police Records Of Players Taking Knee Leak To Public


NFL has a new acroninum… National Felons League!

Breitbart shows the crimes of many of these anthem protesters, their lengthy police records have been revealed.

Arrest numbers show that an NFL player gets locked up on average every seven days. Crimes include drugs, rape, assault, robbery, traffic violations and even homicide.

Since 2000 the NFL had a record 65 days where no player got arrested. Almost every week there was a new arrest. Since 2000 there have been 218 drunk driving arrests, 100 drug crimes, 98 domestic violence incidents and 44 disorderly conduct arrests. The most criminal team is the Minnesota Vikings followed by the Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, and Jacksonville Jaguars .

So far this year there have already been 32 arrests:

Many of those kneeling during the anthem are on this list.

Marcell Dareus of the Buffalo Bills: arrested for drugs and reckless driving in 2014. Von Miller arrested for failing to appear in court, careless driving, driving without a license. Dante Fowler of the Jacksonville Jaguars for assault and battery in July of this year and March of last year. Demetrius Harris of the Kansas City Chiefs for drug possession this past March.

New Orleans Saint Adrian Peterson was cited for hurting a kid in 2014. Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell for drug possession in 2014. Titans Derrick Morgan for speeding and driving with a suspended license. Ray Lewis, for murder in Jan. 2000; though, Lewis ended up testifying in the case and received one year of probation and a $250,000 fine from the NFL. That’s all he got for murder. Seattle Seahawks Frank Clark for domestic abuse where he hit, strangled and body-slammed his girlfriend in front of the kids.

and these are just few names …

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