NFL Player Runs Onto Field During National Anthem & Stuns Thee Crowd With What He Does To Soldier


Many NFL players continue to protest our National Anthem and Flag.

Thank God, there are some players that are doing something really different!

Americans were stunned at what they saw during a game.

33-year-old Larry Fitzgerald is an awesome player but now he is impressing Americans for a special reason.

The NFL player was on the sidelines viewing the flag ceremony when he saw an Airman’s hat fall off. The Airman could not let go of the flag to put his hat back on, so Fitzgerald decided to help. He showed respect for the flag and for the soldier when he ran onto the field to put the hat back on the head of the soldier.

Fitzgerald really respect our country. Fitzgerald showed what he means to be thankful to a nation that made you rich and famous.

Sportsday wrote, “Jason Garrett doesn’t do this often. But Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald is so good, he made an exception. The Cowboys head coach has put together a tape of Fitzgerald to show his players how to play the game.”

Garrett stated, “I see a great player. I see a guy who plays the game the right way. He’s one of those guys, and this doesn’t happen very often, but we’ve used him as an example in front of our team of how to play. He’s a special player. He’s a special guy. Talk about an ambassador for the NFL. He represents everything that’s good about this game, one of the premier players of his generation. He practices the right way. He plays the right way. He does it with the right spirit. He’s a generous guy with his teammates, he’s a generous guy with guys around the league. His role in the community has been incredible.”

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