NFL Makes Shock Move in Season Already Marred by Fan Discontent


It would appear that the NFL is doing just about anything to distract fans from the ongoing debacle of players kneeling during the National Anthem.

Their latest stunt was to actually fire a referee for a blatantly bad call, or failure to make the call, rather.

It’s the kind of thing rabid fans have demanded for decade, that referees be held to higher accountability. After all, what NFL fan hasn’t yelled at a ref through his or her television screen on Sunday afternoon?

The unfortunate target of the NFL’s first ever firing of a league official during the regular season is down judge Hugo Cruz.

During last Thursday’s face-off between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Cleveland Browns, Cruz somehow missed Chargers’ tackle Russel Okung making a false-start, which directly contributed to a touchdown that likely altered the outcome of the game.

While the NFL Referees Association will challenge the firing, it’ll probably stand as the league is desperate to redirect attention from plummeting stadium attendance and television ratings.

Fans across America have decided to forgo watching their favorite teams in protest over many millionaire players continuing to childishly demonstrate against alleged injustices in America by disrespecting America in the most despicable way possible.

Via New York Post

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