NFL Legend Meets With Trump, Breaks Silence on National Anthem Policy


Here’s a bit more evidence that all the kneeling during the National Anthem before NFL games last year was little more than a temper-tantrum by the league’s more childish players.

If it were something to take serious, then the NFL’s legends of years past surely would have joined the protest by endorsing what the younger players were doing.

But the exact opposite has been the case.

One such legend, former Dallas Cowboys running back Herschel Walker, met with Trump at the White House yesterday and voiced his disdain for those who took a knee during the National Anthem.

“My feeling on the anthem is I felt they should have been standing at the beginning,” Walker told The Hill, indicating that he’s satisfied with the league’s new policy mandating that all players on the field stand for the National Anthem. Those violating the policy will earn their teams a steep fine.

Walker was at the White House to oversee a field day on the South Lawn. The hall-of-fame player is the new co-chair of Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

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