NFL In Panic Mode After What Full List Of Every Sponsor Who Supported Protesting Athletes Shows …


Folks, a list of corporate NFL sponsors has been leaked… and Americans know exactly what to do with it.

We don’t just have the NFL to boycott now, we have a list of all of those who support these anti-American athletes and executives.

The list contains 25 corporate sponsors who have done nothing to reprimand NFL teams who have blatantly disrespected the American flag.

Barclaycard US
Campbell’s Soup Company
Courtyard Marriott
Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60)
Extreme Networks
Hyundai Motor America
Mars Snackfood

News America
Papa John’s
Procter & Gamble

The irony in USAA sponsoring the NFL is almost unfathomable. The company is a popular military appreciation association, so for them to sponsor the NFL (who doesn’t respect the military whatsoever) is 100% hypocritical.

Many have spoken out against these anti-American companies. It’s time for everyone to take a stand against any anti-American behavior. Conservative Fighters wrote, “Let’s remind these sponsors that we’ll be happy to continue using their products once they pressure the NFL to do something about hundreds of players disrespecting a country with freedoms that were paid for with the blood of those who fought to preserve it. The very least these players can do is give up a few moments of their time to pay respect to the country that affords them a millionaire’s lifestyle.”

One thing people don’t realize is the NFL currently gets over a billion dollars in taxpayer-funded federal subsidies. The fancy stadiums that these entitled players continue to kneel and disrespect our country in were bought and funded by the American tax payer, where we’ve foot the bill for 20 NFL stadiums since 1997.

Over the past 20 years, the American people have spent spent a whopping $7 billion to renovate or build NFL stadiums, providing 46% of the total costs of these fancy stadiums. But all that could soon change after what Congress just announced. In the U.S. Senate, there is a bill currently being reviewed that would BAN the use of federal money for the construction and financing of professional sports arenas.

Conservative Fighters explained further about the bill stating that the bill is being reviewed right now. If passed, the bill will stop all use of federal monies being provided to construction and renovation of professional sporting arenas. The bill was first presented by Oklahoma Republican Representative Steve Russell a few months back. Many have taken particular interest in the bill following the string of NFL anthem protests. Luckily, the bill already has bipartisan support.

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Representative Russell was quoted saying, “The federal government is responsible for a lot of important functions, but financing sports stadiums for multi-million, sometimes billion, dollar franchises is definitely not one of them.”

It’s time for the NFL to learn a thing or two about the loyalty of the American people. Our loyalty stands with our country, not a bunch of overpaid athletes who like to complain about every little thing. It’s time to not only boycott the NFL, but all of their sponsors as well!

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