NFL Considering Nuclear Option If Players Keep Protesting During National Anthem


NFL man-babies keep disrespecting the flag and National Anthem, the fans keep boycotting such despicable behavior, and the league keeps losing money. LOTS of money.

So, NFL officials are now considering what some are calling a “nuclear option.”

If players aren’t going to behave in a way that keeps the league in the black, the NFL will simply remove them from the equation.

At least during the National Anthem.

The Washington Post reports:

Some NFL owners believe there is a strong possibility they will enact an offseason change to the league’s national anthem policy if players’ protests during the anthem persist through the end of this season, reverting to a previous approach of keeping players in the locker room while the anthem is played, according to several people familiar with the league’s inner workings.

“I think that if players are still kneeling at the end of the year, then it could very well happen,” said one person familiar with the owners’ deliberations on anthem-related issues.

Such a shame that it’s come to this. But it echoes the state of affairs throughout America these days, as a hyper-liberal agenda increasingly engulfs all that we once held dear.

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