Newsmax And Mclaughlin Poll: 67% Of Americans Support Trump On Recounts


While the mainstream media screams Trump should concede and stop requesting recounts, Americans think otherwise.

A new poll released by Newsmax/McLaughlin stated that two-thirds of Americans say it’s fair for Trump to ask for recounts in key swing states.

Voters also agreed that it’s right to recount votes in states decided by less than 1% in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

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McLaughlin Poll: 67% of the nation supports Trump recount/Audit of election.

Our friends over at Newsmax released these details about their most recent poll:

More than two-thirds of the nation says it is fair for President Donald Trump to ask for a recount in key states, according to a new Newsmax/McLaughlin & Associates poll released Thursday…. (Read more)

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