New York State Population Fell By Over 300,000 This Year


In August, New York City received some good news from the United States Census Bureau: Despite hand-wringing during the early days of the pandemic about the city’s decline, its population actually grew from 8.18 million to 8.80 million over the last decade.

New York State, however, does not appear to be so lucky.

Census data released on Monday shows that the Empire State’s population decreased by more than 319,000 from July 2020 to July 2021, marking the most significant population decline of any state in the U. S. at a loss of 1.9 percent. (Washington, D.C., had it rougher, with the swamp drained of almost 3 percent of its population.) When domestic migration was taken into account, New York suffered an even worse net population loss of 352,185 residents.

Many of the larger population trends held true over the past year, despite the skewing of the pandemic. Texas, which grew by over 3.3 million people between 2010 and 2020, saw the largest jump in its population, increasing by 1.1 percent or 310,288 people.

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