New York Protesters March To Wealthy Suburbs, Bloomberg’s Mansion


Protesters marched through wealthy Hamptons neighborhoods to highlight income inequality on Wednesday, according to the New York Post.

A group of about 200 protesters marched on foot, some holding pitchforks made of plastic, while around 100 people drove around the community in Long Island, New York, the Post reported.

“We are here. We are affected and not going to stand down. We’re going to make sure our voices are heard,” protest organizer and director of policy and research for New York Communities for Change, Alicé Nascimento told the Post.

Pitch forks are out at @MikeBloomberg’s Hamptons house. Rent is due today and billionaires are livin it up in the Hamptons. #CancelRent #MakeBillionairesPay pic.twitter.com/unC1E8UxnT

“Tax the rich, not the poor,” protesters shouted outside of former Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s mansion, the Post reported.

“Enough is enough — it’s time for New York state to raise taxes on the rich instead of cutting services for working … (Read more)

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