New Video Shows 3 Man Vegas Kill Team In All Black On RV Roof Analysts Claim… Watch For Yourself


Full credit to Jeff Rense of for having the guts to bring out the truth on the Las Vegas shooting! Why is Alex Jones currently censoring this HUGE bombshell video! We now have 100% proof of at least 3 shooters on top of what appears to be a large RV. They are dressed completely in black including masks! They aren’t up there selling girl scout cookies!

We need patriots worldwide to post these videos everywhere and ask Alex Jones at showtips @ infowars. com why he is not putting out the smoking gun video that could end the fairy tale! You can even see the gun in the enhanced frame below! This video alone destroys the lying FBI on Las Vegas! Get it out everywhere!

f Alex Jones won’t show this evidence after you email him then you’ll know why he’s on the Illuminati card deck as “Agent in Place!” Only a traitor gatekeeper wouldn’t show this bombshell evidence! Tell Alex to get his buddy Matt Drudge to post it too! I’ll give $200 to the first person who gets Alex or Drudge to run the story with the video showing the actual shooters!

This is HUGE! Best evidence I have ever seen! This will bring down the entire house of cards. Tell all your friends to post it on on Twitter, Facebook and all email lists. Overload their censor grid with huge numbers!

This clearly show 3 men dressed completely in black with guns on top of an RV! You see them move into shooting position!

You can see the gun mounted on a Bipod!

Two more shooters seen! See the muzzle flashes!

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