New Audio Tapes Leak With John Kerry, Ukrainian PM Poroshenko, VP Joe Biden Corruption Allegations On Full Display


 Opinion | CD Media released previously unheard audio tapes of then Vice President Biden and President Poroshenko allegedly discussing the scheme that included the theft of $1.5 Billion from the citizens of the Ukraine through the institution of a “corrupt rent” rule by Naftogaz.

The Biden-Poroshenko audio segments are scattered throughout the video that features the people’s deputy Andrei Derkach presenting the evidence for prosecuting the case against both Biden and Poroshenko, at a press conference. 

(CD MediaLoose translation of local Ukrainian press…

A curious episode of conversations on Alexander Onishchenko.  (Onishchenko, a parliamentary member of the faction People’s Will, had accused Poroshenko of corruption.(

Poroshenko was so nervous about him that he asked for Biden’s help.

He thanked the deputy prime minister that he connected the CIA and spoke with the FBI so that they would not pay attention to the statements of the Ukrainian people’s deputy. 

According to the account, Biden admitted to getting both the CIA and FBI to refuse to investigate Onishchenko’s claim.

BidenI hope the current leadership stays in place…

One soon gets the feeling that Biden is demanding continuity within the corrupt Ukrainian governmental apparatus in the same manner that corrupt American politicians and their appointed holdovers and implants have been blocking President Trump’s efforts to ferret out the coinciding corruption of the Obama administration.

Keep in mind, that unless both parties maintain the oath of omerta for their crimes, both parties pay a heavy price.

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First results of the press conference…in short, the State Department, CIA, FBI in Ukraine were allegedly all on board in organized crime schemes…

The first results of the Derkach conference: (loose translation)

  • The Biden family received more than $ 3 million from Burisma;
  • For the closure of the case, Burisma offered a bribe of $ 50 million;
  • Biden demanded that Poroshenko not touch Kobolev, who allegedly wanted to remove the ex-head of the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysma;
  • The Americans roamed Kobolev for joint earnings on the pseudo-reverse of Russian gas when they bought it through Slovakia with a margin;
  • Naftogaz of Ukraine established a “corrupt rent”, due to which about $ 1.5 billion was stolen from citizens of Ukraine;
  • Former Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko Enin (Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine) is a “liaison” in Kiev, State Department official George Kent (former US Deputy Ambassador to Ukraine);
  • Prime Minister Groysman was forced to comply with the IMF requirements. Otherwise, the Americans would not give credit guarantees.
  • On the next film, Poroshenko is very worried about Onishchenko’s communication with the FBI. Tells Biden that he would like to know what is at stake. Biden assured that he had already talked with the FBI and that they would not work with Onishchenko.

Demz Corruption with numerous ties leading to Biden, Soros, Hochstein from Dept of State, Soros, Kobolev, etc 7:56 AM Organized crime group used the help of CIA, FBI, Department of State to enrich theirselves [sic].

The prosecutors presented a detailed chart of those involved in the corrupt Ukraine-USA construct but it is unreadable due to its complexity and poor reproduction quality.  

When a reproduction becomes available that is more readable we will bring it to you.

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