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New App Lets Men Track Their Wives and Daughters, and Liberals are FURIOUS


Talk about a slap in the face to the feminist movement that liberals thought was conquering the world.

This just goes to show how ignorant liberals remain about what’s going on everywhere else in the world outside of their tiny corner.

US liberal groups, and at least one US Senator, are in an uproar after hearing about a new iPhone app that’s going viral in Saudi Arabia.

The Absher app, which appears to be developed by or connected to the Saudi government, provides a number of digital services, such as allowing users to renew passports and request social assistance.

It also includes mechanisms to allow husbands to track their wives and daughters.

Liberal groups are feigning outrage as though they were unaware that this kind of thing is common practice in just about every Muslim country in the Middle East.

Admitting that they were aware of the shocking lack of women’s rights in Muslim society would pretty much demolish their arguments for allowing flood of Middle East immigrants into the US. And we couldn’t have that.

But, it is worth pointing out the hypocrisy.

Liberals wants to open the gates to Middle East migrants, and are appalled by President Trump’s strict immigration policies targeting those countries. And yet, they are now being forced to acknowledge that the societal norms that these migrants bring with them are less than desirable.

So, what’s it to be? Either we get strict with immigration from these countries, or we embark on a systematic program of reeducation once they settle in the US. Because you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

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Via Times of Israel

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