Never Trump’s Evan Mcmullin Blames ‘Trump Cult’ For Herman Cain’s Death


Evan McMullin, a former CIA operative and 2016 presidential candidate, blamed the “science denial Trump cult” for the death of Herman Cain from coronavirus on Thursday.

Cain, 74, was a successful entrepreneur who rose to political prominence in the 2012 Republican presidential primary. He died in an Atlanta-area hospital after battling coronavirus.

As Newsmax reported in its obituary:

He was admitted on July 1, two days after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Ten days before, Cain had attended a rally for President Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But it is not known for sure where Cain, chair of Black Voices for Trump, was infected. He had been on a whirlwind travel schedule in June, stopping in multiple cities.

However, McMullin declared that the “science denial Trump cult” was to blame for Cain’s death:

McMullin is a key figure in the “Never Trump” movement, a small faction of establishment Republicans who continued to op… (Read more)

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