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Netanyahu Just PERFECTLY Called Out Obama’s HYPOCRISY


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is done playing nice with President Obama.

After Obama’s betrayal at the UN last week, Netanyahu is pulling out all the stops. He’s going to show everyone what a hypocrite and traitor Obama really is.

In a post to Facebook this week, Israeli leader completely DESTROYED Obama with a single photo.

The picture shows Obama visiting Jerusalem’s Western Wall following his first presidential victory in 2008.

Obama placed a prayer in the Wall in accordance with Jewish custom and religious practices.

But the UN resolution he helped write and push through the Security Council last week says that holy site is “occupied Palestinian territory.” Despite the deep Jewish historical connection that Obama himself previously acknowledged.

Netanyahu’s post was PERFECTLY captioned:

2008: Presidential candidate Barack Obama at the Western Wall
2016: UN calls the Western Wall “occupied Palestinian territory”

Sorry, Mr. Netanyahu. It doesn’t seem that anyone can take Obama seriously any longer. His hypocrisy is just too blatant.

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H/T The Federalist Papers

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