Netanyahu Calls Blood-Soaked Muslim Terrorist an ‘Animal,’ and He’s Being Too Kind


Last Friday, a blood-crazed 19-year-old Palestinian Muslim man butchered a Jewish family as they sat down to the weekly Sabbath meal.

Liberal sympathizers would want us to consider the grievances of the terrorist.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t in the mood for games.

In a statement to the press, Netanyahu said of the attack:

“This was an act of terror perpetrated by a human animal, infused with abhorrent hatred.”

We’ve got a better label for this murderer–demon.

The kind of “abhorrent hatred,” as Netanyahu put it, that fuels such a gruesome and merciless act can only be demonic.

The killer’s family, of course, is calling the attack an act of “heroism” in service to the Muslim god, Allah.

Netanyahu has vowed to demolish their family home in retaliation.

Source: Breitbart

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