NBC Says Trumps Lies Because Only 6 Terrorists Caught at Border; Gets Roasted


Get this.

NBC News is super excited because only six known terrorists were caught trying to illegally cross our border.

Did you get that?

Only six KNOWN terrorists were CAUGHT in the first 6 months of 2018.

So Trump lied because only six terrorists known to U.S. intelligence were caught trying to cross our border?

Maybe I’m a rube but six seems WAY too many.

And what about all of the suspected terrorists?

Should we assume ALL of the terrorists trying to cross our porous border got caught, or should we assume the opposite?

As you might expect NBC News got roasted for their silly claim.

Did you really say “just” six smh. One terrorist is too many & imagine how many have gone undetected. It blows my mind that protecting our border/citizens is something that would cause turmoil. This is political and also why we are all fed up with all politicians!

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